Frequently Asked Questions About the Masonic Knights Templar

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The Masonic Knights Templar is a Masonic Order that offers more opportunities for friendship, growth, and development in Freemasonry. We’ll answer some frequently asked questions about the Knights Templar in this blog post.  

When was the Masonic Knights Templar established?

There is no specific date for when the Masonic Knights Templar was established, but the earliest records that exist are the minutes of the Chapter of Friendship in Portsmouth in 1778. In that period, the degree was under chapters and lodges that were warranted by the Antient Grand Lodge using various rituals. There were various encampments or Preceptories as they are called today.

When did the Masonic Knights Templar gain popularity?

In 1791, the first Grand Conclave or Great Priory was formed with Thomas Dunckerley as its first Grand Master. The Grand Conclave had seven encampments under it. In 1851, the Order began rapid expansion, and more encampments were established as the ritual became standardized.        

What is the direct connection between the Masonic Knights Templar and the Medieval Knights Templar?

There is no direct or historical connection between the Masonic Knights Templar and the historical Christian military Order that existed in medieval times. The Masonic Knights Templar did not fight in the Crusades.

What does the Knights Templar believe in?

The Grand Master Thomas Dunckerley wanted to promote the concept of Christianity and chivalry within a masonic framework.  

Can anyone join the Masonic Knights Templar?

The Order is open to Freemasons who are Christians

How many members does the Knights Templar have?

There are about 12,500 members

How can anyone join the Knights Templar?

You can only join through the recommendation of an existing member

How does one progress through the ranks of the Knights Templar?

When you join the Knights Templar, you first take the Malta Degree by taking the Mediterranean Pass and becoming a Knight of St Paul. Then you become a Knight of the Malta. Other ranks will be explained in another blog post.

Can anyone from the Craft become a member of the Knights Templar?

Before you can become a member of the Order, you must be a member of the Royal Arch, and you must be a Master Mason.

Who heads the Knights Templar?

The Knights Templar is headed by the Most Eminent and Supreme Grand Master is Paul Raymond Clement. He joined the Order in 1984 and was installed as the Most Eminent and Supreme Grand Master in May 2017.       

Where is the headquarters of the Order?

The headquarters of the Order is located at Mark Masons’ Hall, St James’s, London. This is where all administrative activities are conducted.

What causes does the Masonic Knights Templar support?

The Order supports the St John of Jerusalem Eye Hospital, which provides charitable eye care in the East Jerusalem area and the West Bank, Gaza.


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