Masonic Emblems

Masonic emblems are different from Masonic symbols. Emblems can only have one meaning while symbols could have various meanings. Emblems are like a logo that represents an abstract concept. They are a visible form of the concept. Their meaning is quite easy to interpret unlike symbols. But some websites, historians and other people use the words symbols and emblems interchangeably.

The iconic Masonic square and compasses is an emblem of the Freemason fraternity. The emblem is trademarked by the Freemasons. The square and compasses emblem has just one meaning, and it connotes Freemasonry. Immediately, it is seen anywhere, Freemasonry comes to mind.    

The square and compasses emblem can’t be mistaken for something else, and it represents the abstract idea of Brothers coming together as one in beliefs. The square and the compasses are a visible sign of the Fraternity.

Emblems Vs. Symbols   

All emblems are symbols, but not all symbols are emblems. Emblems have just one meaning while symbols have more than one meaning. Symbols usually represent more than just one thing while emblems usually represent one thing alone.

The Masonic square and compasses emblem consists of two symbols. The two symbols are the Masonic square and the Masonic compasses. When they are separate from each other, they are symbols because they have multiple connotations.

The Masonic Square Symbol

The Masonic square symbol could mean a carpenter’s square that is used to create true lines or a Masonic square that represents the state of being morally upright.

The Masonic Compasses Symbol

The compass could represent the compass used pilots through which they chart their course. The compass could also represent the compass used by sailors which has a magnetic needle by which they use to navigate the oceans. The compass majorly looks like the compass used by an architect to ensure that they have a perfect circle within a base point with the circle having the right dimensions. Most importantly, the Masonic compass is a sign that stands for the circumscription of man’s passions within a specific boundary.

Freemasonry Masonic Emblems  

Here are some Masonic emblems within Freemasonry and its appendant bodies.

Masonic Square and Compasses Emblem

This is the most recognizable Freemasonry emblem. It represents the Freemasonry body.

Order of The Eastern Star Emblem

The Order of The Eastern Star or O.E.S for short is a Freemasonry appendant body. It consists of both male and female, but most members are female. It is the largest organization in the world that comprises of both male and female. The Order of The Eastern Star is committed to building an order with good members that elevate one another through love and service. The Order of the Eastern Star is committed to kindness, love and charity.

The emblem of the Order of the Eastern Star represents five strong women in history. Four out of these five women are mentioned in the Bible.

Scottish Rite Emblem

The Scottish Rite is an appendant Masonic body that continues the education of a Master Mason for the first three degrees. It was founded in Europe in the 18th century. Members of the Scottish Rite have degrees from the 4th degree to the 32nd degree and an honorary 33rd degree. The 33rd degree is awarded to those that have provided exceptional service. The Scottish Rite carries out various charity work like scholarships, childhood language program, disaster relief, youth program and others.

The Ancient Order of the Nobles of the Mystic Shrine Emblem

The Ancient Order of the Nobles of the Mystic Shrine Emblem (A.O.N.M.S) was established in 1870. This body is a US-based Freemasonry appendant body. The organization is known for their charitable works like the provision of funds for 22 Shriner hospitals established for children.

Daughters of the Nile Emblem

The Daughters of the Nile is an international appendant Freemasonry body which is into charity works. The Daughters of the Nile was founded in 1913 for women that were 18 years of age or older. The women in this body sew garments for children in Shriner hospitals. A lot of these children required special garments due to burns and injuries.

Job’s Daughters Emblem

Job’s Daughter International is a Freemasonry appendant body for members that are between the ages of 10 to 20. These women perform service projects to help the less fortunate and the community. These women perform projects to help the less privileged and others in their community. The women of Job’s Daughter support HIKE or the Hearing Impaired Kid’s Endowment that buy hearing assistive devices for kids that are hearing impaired.

International Order of the Rainbow Girls Emblem

The International Order of the Rainbow Girls is a Freemasonry appendant body for females that are between the ages of 11 to 20 years old. This body motivates members to be kind, respectful, strong and give all they can towards humanity.  

DeMolay Emblem

DeMolay is an international Freemason appendant body for youths that are between the ages of 12 to 21. DeMolay was founded by Frank S. Land in Kansas City in 1919. The name DeMolay comes from Jacques DeMolay who was the Knights Templar’s last Grand Master.

DeMolay has several cardinal values which form the main structure of what they follow. The cardinal values include cleanliness, comradeship, patriotism, love for sacred things and fidelity.

The Philalethes Society Emblem     

Philalethes comes from two Greek words called philos and alethes.  Philos is the Greek word for truth while alethes is the Greek word for truth. When used together, the two words mean lover of truth.

The Philalethes Society was founded in 1928 by a group of Masonic students. The Society was designed for Freemasons that sought the light and wanted to spread the Masonic light.

The major purpose of the research society is to distribute Masonic knowledge. The body exchanges ideas, research on problems facing the Freemason body and passes along what they’ve found to the Masonic fraternity and other appendant bodies.


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