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Members of the Freemason fraternity wear Masonic cufflinks to various fraternal functions. These meetings could be Blue Lodge or Craft Lodge meetings or Annual Communications meetings at the Grand Lodge.

Masonic cufflinks are worn by members of the York Rite, the Scottish Rite, and the Shrine. They are also worn by Grand Lodge officers, the Grand Master and other members of other appendant Freemason organizations.

Those with a Master Mason degree wear these cufflinks to lodge meetings and other official functions including officer installation services, funeral services, dedication of Masonic buildings, cornerstone laying ceremonies, Grand Lodge annual communication meetings and other meetings. They are worn at Masonic Balls, New Year’s parties and other events held at the Masonic Shrine Temple.

Those who wear Masonic cufflinks are proud to be a member of the Freemason fraternity, and they readily identify with what Freemasonry stands for. The Masonic cufflinks are a proud indication of what Freemasons believe in.

There are various types of Freemason cufflinks. Some of them are described below.

Square and Compasses Cufflinks

These are traditional cufflinks worn by Freemasons. These cufflinks display the Square and Compasses emblem of Freemasonry.

Shrine Cufflinks

The shrine cufflinks have the sphinx, claw, scimitar emblem along with the Masonic logo. These cufflinks are available in sterling silver, gold plated, gold tone and 14k gold. You can also get some of these cufflinks are also available with matching shirt studs and tie tacs.

Scottish Rite Double Eagle Cufflinks

These cufflinks are worn by members of the Scottish Rite in both the Northern and the Southern Jurisdiction. The cufflinks of Scottish Rite Freemasons in the Southern Jurisdiction have cufflinks with the eagle’s wings slanted downwards. Those in the Northern Jurisdiction wear cufflinks with the eagle’s wing slanting upwards.        
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